1. Students should not stay out after 21:30 hours (Girls & Boys). Students who wish to stay out beyond the above timings should have permission from the Hostel In-charge in writing. Any one staying out thereafter will not be allowed to enter the Hostel premises and strict action will be taken. PARENT PERMISSION IS REQUIRED FOR GOING OUT OF HOSTEL AFTER 21:30 HOURS. Students are allowed on to be out until 22:00 hours (Girls & Boys) on Weekends i.e. Saturday and Sunday.

2. Smoking & Drinking, Chewing of tobacco items, Slang, Borrowing & Lending, Quarrel & Arguments, Driving without license or without proper documents, Impulsive Driving, Narcotics, Accidents; if any of the students is involved in the above mentioned activities, they shall be liable for punishment as per the law of the Government of India. The administration in such case, may discontinue the candidate’s stay in the campus and shall not be entitled for any refund of hostel fee or any other fee/charges paid to the Hostel and shall also be liable to pay the pending fee, dues, penalty, etc.

3. Hostellers should take care of their belongings. Students are advised not to keep valuables like gold chain, rings, EXPENSIVE iPODS & MOBILES, unnecessary cash holding, Digital Cameras and other expensive items. Management does not take the responsibility for the loss of these or any other valuables. STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO BE EXTRA CAREFUL WITH RESPECT TO THEIR MOBILE HANDSETS AND OTHER GADGETS.

4. Students are responsible for the furniture and fittings given, any damage caused to them due to student’s fault or negligence, has to be replaced by the students themselves.

5. Misuse of facilities at Atharv Hostels will not be tolerated. It applies to Scribbling, Spitting and/or sticking posters on the walls and any such activity that may be specified from time to time. Strict disciplinary action/fine/Penalty shall be imposed on the Student.

6. Rooms at Atharv Hostels shall be provided in Accordance to Academic session in Progress.

7. Final year degree, postgraduate and II PUC students shall vacate the Hostel within a week from the date of their completion of the Final Year Examinations.

8. Cooking & Cooking equipment (E.g. HOT PLATE, ELECTRIC KETTLES, HEATER, IMMERSION ROD, etc) is not allowed within the Hostel premises. Anyone found using the same shall be fined Rs. 1,000/-. Drilling, Nailing and other works, which may alter the structure of Atharv Hostels, are not allowed.

9. House Keeping, Maintenance, Food Complaints, if any, can be written in the register provided with the Warden. Complaint of whatsoever nature shall not be entertained, if not written in the complaint register.

10. Combined studies with Non-Atharv Hostels Students inside the Hostel premises are only allowed in recreation room and common room.

11. Residents should be considerate towards one another and refrain from making noise late at night or early in morning, particularly after 22:00 hours and before 06:00 hours.

12. Residents are not expected to be outside their room after 22:30 hours.

13. Watching television after 22:30 hours is strictly not allowed except on weekends and a day before holiday till 00:00 hours.

14. Students and parents are required to provide valid contact numbers and email IDs to avail permissions for late night/ night out/ outstation traveling. Wards are also required to update and inform the hostel office for any change in their contact numbers.

15. No birthday celebrations after 23:00 hours. The birthday girl/boy will be punished for the same and shall be fined Rs. 5,000/- Kindly celebrate your Birthday outside the Hostel premise and don't disturb others.

16. Visitors, Family Members, and Friends are not permitted to stay in the Atharv Hostels premises. No outsider including parents is allowed inside the students' room. No visitors are permitted after 21:00 hours.

17. Attendance will be taken by the warden before 22:00 hours every night. Hostelite has to sign the attendance register everyday between 21:30 to 22:00 hours.

18. The Atharv Hostels staff can inspect the rooms at any given point of time irrespective of day or night. All residents are expected to keep their room & common areas clean & tidy.

19. Atharv Hostels management shall do its best to provide normal medical aid. Medi Claim insurance is subject to the schedule, rules & regulation of the Insurance Company. Management shall not be held responsible for any accidents, mishaps, illness or sickness within or outside the hostel premises.

20. Atharv Hostels authority shall not be held responsible for any mishaps (including accidents, temporary or permanent disability or death) or injury that might take place during the period of my ward’s stay at Atharv Hostels or and when he/she joins any tours, excursions or any such events. Atharv Hostels authority or any of its staff wholly or partly are not responsible for it.

21. Internet / Wi-Fi facility is available only for studies and emailing. Student shall not possess, sell, lest to lire, distribute, publicly exhibit or in any manner put in to circulation any obscene material. For the purposes of this clause, "Obscene Material" will have the same meaning as defined in various statutes, applicable from time to time and as interpreted by the Hon'ble Courts of India. (Defined by Supreme Court in memorandum Law of Pornography in India). Fine of Rs. 5000/- will be charged if found guilty. Hence Wi-Fi is limited and checked for its usage.

22. Bringing or ordering Non-Vegetarian Food from outside is strictly not permitted.

23. Permissions of any nature should be in written format and duly singed by the Atharv Hostels In-charge personnel. No explanation / excuse would be entertained there on.

24. Management is at the discretion to change the room/hostel of any student depending upon individual observations, without any prior notice.

25. The Management reserves the right to take any disciplinary action including eviction from the Atharv Hostels if She/he is found guilty.

26. Management reserves the right to introduce, remove, and modify any rules without prior information to Parents/Students.

27. Ragging is strictly prohibited. If anyone is found guilty abetting in ragging, he/she will be punished/rusticated/suspended/expelled from the institute and also liable to prosecution in terms of the Supreme Court of India decision on Writ Petition No. © 656/1998.


1. As a policy it is mandatory for the student to stay in the residential accommodation for a minimum period of 12 Months.

2. The hostel fee structure is divided into three parts:

3. We Collect monthly rent in advance before the 5th of every month.

4. Monthly rent / yearly rent shall be paid on or before the 5th of every calendar date without fail and any dues after the said date shall attract 50 rupees fine per day and shall be adjusted in the security deposit.

5. A resident can vacate the residential accommodation only after the payment of the charges for whole year irrespective of the facility used.

6. If the resident vacates the residential accommodation/dwelling/unit in mid of the year or before minimum tenure of stay, there shall be no entitlement to a refund of fees.

7. All Statutory taxes as and where applicable will be payable separately.

8. The charges are only for the residential accommodation for use as residence, all other facilities are complimentary irrespective of its usage.


1. Security Deposit: